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    I'm currently not selling my brownies [so please don't order any from the store! Instead, feel free to browse around and enjoy what was a fun stint as a baker for me!

  • wHAT IT IS

    From these healthy beans . . . I shall make delicious brownies!


    Chocolate Brownies made from black beans! 


    By using pureed black beans as the base of our brownies, we get the classic chewy dense  brownie without the butter, flour, eggs, and cream, making for a 100% healthy, all-natural version of America's favorite dessert!


    To the beans, we add ingredients for a chocolatey taste and for baking purposes, but as you can see below, beans are half of the goodness!

    What's Inside

    What you see is exactly what goes into one of our loving batches of brownies. There is absolutely nothing more added. This is as homemade and healthy as nommers get!

    Nutritional Profile

    • Main Ingredients: black beans, cocoa powder, ground flax,  maple syrup, applesauce,  chocolate chips 

    • Promises: vegan, gluten-free, naturally low-calorie, naturally low-fat, nutritious
  • How it Began

    Let's unpack this goodness!

    baking just for the fun of it

    I've loved baking since childhood, often excited to contribute a sweet concoction or bundt cake to our family get-togethers. As a grown woman in my Upper West Side apartment, the hobby and festivities continued. With neighbors within easy reach, taste-testers were just a knock away and it became common practice to pop over with new treats or hang a bag of goodies on their door.


    At one point, my neighbor requested a batch of the black bean goodies for her sister's party and unbeknownst to me, this "first order" planted the seed that these healthy treats were good enough to order!

    getting the niece's stamp of approval

    My sister struggled to find healthy treats that her daughter enjoyed. My niece loathed bringing hummus to school and my sister shuddered at the thought of packing her pre-packaged cookies.

    Enter the black bean brownie: the niece devoured them and the sister approved! My sister was over the moon, requesting them during every visit. These brownies passed the ultimate taste test: they are kid-approved!


    PS: Mums the word! She still gobbles up the brownies that her mom mysteriously approves of. You are now trusted w/ our secret as well ;)

    the rest is history!

    At a certain point when I was seeking additional income, selling these brownies made it's way into the brainstorming and once I began to think logistically about it and analyze the viability of it, I became encouraged to go for it! And so was birthed Healthy Nommers, where I aim to give you healthy indulgences that even a kid would enjoy!


    What We Believe

    Health  [Indulgence + Balance]

    I eat, I workout, and I live to have it all. I enjoy my food and my fitness. In the world of balance, it's wonderful to find foods that have it all: the yumminess and healthiness. I love that these brownies don't require counter-balancing. My enjoyment of them increases exponentially when I know that they are Healthy!

    People [Love + Community]

    These brownies have always been shared. There's a saying that I love: "Look for someone to eat with before looking for something to eat." We were designed to exist in community - it's literally good for your health. So go ahead: offer one of these treats to your neighbor down the hall or that cute guy in class - these brownies are perfect for sharing with People!

    Prayer [Faith + Life]

    I believe in the power of prayer. I draw my belief from my faith, from real-life testimonies in my community, and even from scientific studies that prove prayer. I pray on my own daily, pray with others when possible, and would like to pray for you. With each order of brownies, you may submit a prayer request in the "notes" section of your order. I pledge to pray for your request before shipping. I encourage you to engage the life-giving power and practice of Prayer!

  • Frequently asked questions


    When can I expect my order?

    Orders are baked every Sunday and mailed via USPS on Monday morning. Therefore they will arrive at your doorstep on Tuesday or Wednesday. Shipping is included for all of NYC. If you are outside of the NYC area, shipping will be charged beyond the cost of mailing within NYC.   

    Are your brownies organic?

    They are partially organic. I buy organic ingredients when I can. Currently, the agave is organic and everything else is standard grade.

    How long do they stay good for?

    Based on my personal testing during the summer, they will stay good for 3 days on the counter and 1 week in the refrigerator.  

    What about other brownie flavors?

    I imagine adding a chic pea snickerdoodle to the menu soon along with additional flavors.  All in due time!

    What's up with the prayer thing?

    I love prayer and believe in prayer. I live my life as much for God as possible. I look forward to praying over your request that you may leave in the "notes" section of your order!

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    "the Sharon" Black Bean Brownies
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    Naturally Low-calorie, Low-fat, Gluten-free, Vegan brownies made from black beans, agave, flax meal, applesauce, and chocolate chips!

    Each box comes with 8 2x2 chocolate brownies.
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